1345 SW 29th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73119

Our History

Today, we are the 99, but in the past we were known as Cathedral of Worship, and before that, Calvary Temple. Why the name change? Simple: when purpose changes, so should the name that defines it.

In the 1990s, we shifted our identity from Calvary Temple to Cathedral of Worship. The change came because the heart of our church was one of a worshipper.

In 2019, we changed our name from Cathedral of Worship to The 99 Church to reflect the heart of our church. We are still worshippers, but our mission is to go after the one.

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We are the 99.

The 99 Church is a multicultural, bilingual, non denominational community of faith. All our services and activities are held in English and Spanish. Today, cultures and generations are evolving. By having bilingual gatherings, we are able to accommodate all different types of people and families.

We hold bilingual services in our church in Spanish and in English: every Sunday at 11 am. Small groups are held on Wednesdays at 7 pm. To learn more about The 99 Church’s ministries, please visit the Ministries page. You can find us on the South side of OKC, on the crossing of Indiana and 29.

Our Vision

We are the 99. We exist to pursue the perfect movement of God by transforming lives through restoration, relevant worship, and revitalizing teaching and conversation in a culturally diverse community. We go after the one.

Our Mission

We are the 99, and we go after the one. It is our mission to:

Reach newcomers.

We want people who have never gotten to know Christ to understand the peace and perfect love he brings.

Restore people.

Whether they’re putting their lives back together after a loss, experiencing heartbreak, or have been failed by a religious institution, we provide these people with a new definition of church and a safe space to heal.

Provide a one of a kind worship experience.

You won’t find a worship like ours just anywhere. We provide relevant worship that not only motivates and inspires but challenges you to move forward.